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Crochet: friendlyhostile's Hostile Takeover Contest

As the subject says, this is my entry for friendlyhostile's "Hostile Takeover Contest". For those of you that don't know, Friendly Hostility is a webcomic by K. Sandra Fuhr that updates every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Her comic is made of complete win, so go read it. Anyway, the Hostile Takeover Contest is a fanworks contest and I decided that I wanted to crochet something! So I bring to you

Elliot from the front!

From the side!

And now: Candid Pics!

Elliot with his feline protector, Mary (Mary being portrayed by my feline protector, Memphis)

Elliot brings Mary some treats!

Mary is thrilled!

Saving the world with Jack and the Doctor!

"I didn't eat your Pop-Tarts! Honest!"

The only caption for this? Awwwwww!

Disclaimer: Friendly Hostility and all related characters belong to K. Sandra Fuhr. She's just awesome enough to let me borrow Elliot to make a little plushie =D

Reference pics: Sad Derringer on Couch and 430: Worse Than I Thought (last panel)

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